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Outdoor Unit (ODU) 

WL ODU-Antenna

The WitLink-2000 ® flexible ODU/antenna combination is available in all frequencies within 7~38 GHz range, with ETSI and FCC approved versions.  The radio frequency components of the ODU are contained within a hermetically-sealed enclosure.  The ODU may be press fitted onto the antenna and can be mounted on a mast, tower or rooftop.  This flexible design allows the ODU to be disconnected from the antenna without affecting antenna alignment, and directly mounted to the antenna without the need for use of any waveguides or adaptors. One coaxial cable is used to connect the ODU to the IDU.  Power is provided to the ODU via this single cable.  The compact, aesthetic WitLink-2000 ® ODU is capacity independent as well, resulting in quicker deployment and redeployment, simplified logistics and reduced spare part requirements.


Common ODU Specifications


Frequency stability 


Frequency channel selection 



Temperature (operation) 

-33ºC to +55ºC

Relative humidity 

All weather protection (up to 100%)


Up to 15,000 feet AMSL (4,500 m)

Power Requirements


DC source 

22 to 60Vdc, supplied by the IDU

DC consumption 

23 Watt / 32 Watt for high power



9.05" x 6.9" (23x17.5 cm) (DxH)


9.6 lbs, 4.9 kg






CE mark EN60950 (ETSI); NRTL ANSI/ UL1950 (FCC)


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