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SEE Day/Night

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 SEE Day/ Night
 Color/NIR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera #820015/17       

The SEE™ pan/ tilt/ zoom camera is designed to be compact and rugged to meet the needs of many different outdoor applications. The all-weather construction can be exposed to the harshest elements from extreme temperatures to caustic environments such as salt air. The vibration isolation feature provides jitter free video making the camera ideal for applications that call for mobility. Current usages include bridges, ports, tunnels, mines, perimeter security, rail yards, police & command vehicles The high image quality with digital enhancement provides a superior picture. At night, SEE™’s NIR (near infrared) imaging mode and slow scan feature enables near-zero ambient light operation. Adding the optional NIR illuminator creates a zero ambient light night vision solution. The innovative ‘QuickDisconnect’ and eyebolt built into the base make the SEE an installers’ dream and a project manager’s trump card. The SEE can be used with legacy CCTV systems as well as third party encoders, DVRs, video servers and other security management requirements. For OEM customers, we offer engineering change revisions to best support client solutions.

  • Unique design for pan/tilt/zoom camera offering analog feed to many other applications or other legacy CCTV platforms.               
  • IP Addressable - upon connection to an encoder – see Pump Station               
  • Color/NIR- video imaging modes.               
  • 25X Optical / 12X Digital zoom               
  • ‘ Tough as nails’ solid cast aluminum housing can withstand harsh environment.               
  • Image Stabilization is built in so vibration does not affect the viewing of the video under mobile applications.               
  • Compact and Lightweight compared to the competition.               
  • Hot Swappable- means that there is no need to power the camera down to change it out.               
  • Quick Disconnect - lets you install, replace or maintain the camera in a fraction of the time of most cameras, with single key tool.               
  • Low Power makes SEE™ suitable for solar power applications.               
  • Optional Hood protects lens from the elements.               
  • Pressurized Nitrogen eliminates fogging of the camera lens due to sudden changes in temperature. 

RVision chart

Pan Angle Range 
Tilt Angle Range
Pan Speed
Tilt Speed 
Pan/Tilt Encoder Resolution 





.5° to 80° /s
.3° to 30° /s

4.5 Kg
Cast Aluminum 
18 cm diameter, 20 cm tall

11.5 to 30 vdc
500 ma, 2A peak

3grms 3axis
5 to 1000 Hz

-20° to 70° C
Mount Adjustment

Optical Zoom
Digital Zoom
Imaging Modes 

TV Lines (NTSC/PAL) 
Dynamic Range 
Light Sensitivity 
Low Light – Long Integration 
Image Stabilization 
Rich Exposure Control 
Time Stamp/Titling in Video 

Detector Sensor Inputs 
Optional Infrared Camera Core 

Optional Illuminator 

25 x
12 x
Color/Near Infrared 

49 dB
.02 Lux NIR Mode
yes – .25 s

RS232 or RS485
Enhanced VISCA™
2, NO or NC
7-14µm, .05°C NETD
320 x 240

                               720 nm, 50 W, 4° Spot      

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