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Medium Capacity 16 T1/E1 Fiber Mux

FlightMux 600 Technical Specifications

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The FlightMux 600 multiplexer combines multiple E1 and T1 voice channels to provide a low-cost, single-line transport solution suitable for use with the Flight Optical Transport product lines. The FlightMux 600 aggregates up to 16 E1/T1 voice lines. The FlightMux 100 has a single RJ-45 connector for the Ethernet signal and a quad RJ-48 connector for E1/T1 signals. The multiplexed data is transmitted via a standard duplex SC singlemode fiber interface. For system management, the FlightMux 600 can be monitored via an alarm contact interface on a DB-9F connector, or managed via SNMP interface on a RJ-45 Ethernet port. 

  • Up to 16 channels of E1/T1       
  • Fiber-optic output       
  • Alarm contact and SNMP ports       
  • Local and remote loopback       
  • AC and DC power supply 

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