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High-cap. 10/100BaseT Ethernet + 4T1/4E1 Fiber Mux

FlightMux UFM 100 Technical Specifications

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FlightMux UFM 100

10/100 Base T + 4T1 or 4E1

Part Number: 015-003406-00000

Description: Mux, UFM-100/4T1/4E1 w/ 10/100

The ITD1200SE Multiplexer is a device that combines telephony signals with a computer data signal to provide a cost-effective single line for wireless transmission.  It combines a standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet port with up to 4 channels of T1 or E1 voice signaling.

The Multiplexer has a single RJ45 connector and a quad RJ45 connector that attaches to the LAN and T1/E1 premises equipment respectively.  It also includes a standard duplex SC fiber port to connect to the Free Space Optical (FSO) link head.  For system management, the Multiplexer can be managed either out-of-band through the RS-232 serial port or in-band using SNMP through the LAN Port.

Key features include:

  • Up to four channels of T1/E1               
  • Channels can be added as an infield upgrade               
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet               
  • Link uses fiber optics               
  • System management through a standard terminal or using the Windows

MuxManager application

  • Local and remote loop back for both system and individual channels

How it Works: The Multiplexer combines up to four T1/E1 voice channels and one 10/100BaseT LAN signal into a single signal suitable for wireless transmission. This signal is then connected to a FSO link head with a fiber optic cable and is transmitted to the remote location. Once received, the remote

Multiplexer then splits the signals back into the original T1/E1 voice and LAN data signals.

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