mmWaves: High-Capacity SDH/SONET Millimeter and Microwave RadiommWaves: High-Capacity SDH/SONET Millimeter and Microwave Radio

Survey and Installation

Site Surveys

Call mmWaves toll free at 888.224.6814 for a link feasibility determination or simply fill out the request form. For longer difficult links, or if your RF path crosses rough terrain where radio line of sight is not apparent, mmWaves suggests a detailed path/propagation analysis and a field site survey. Using this fee-based service, technicians will visit your site and go beyond the longitude-latitude method of calculating LOS. A very accurate path analysis results for predicting radio performance and link feasibility before you make the initial equipment investment. Spectrum analysis can be employed to further decrease the possibility of interference from other electromagnetic emissions. 

Key Benefits
  • Best used for uncertain paths, with difficult topography over long distances.          
  • For complex installations with long coaxial cable runs, and possible interference from outside sources.         
  • Good insurance before making large equipment investments. 

Sophisticated Equipment 

Surpasses "free services" such as simple path and propagation analysis using PC-based software. 

Vendor Authorized Tools 

In some cases, proprietary vendor authorized tools/programs are employed yielding optimal results.

Engineering Studies for any Application 

Whether you require licensed microwave or license-free products, mmWaves accommodates any need. 

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